An Explanation

Ok ok…maybe I’m a little bit terrible at this blog thing. In fairness, though, I have a bit of an excuse for the moment. My internet is out on my computer (which means I am currently typing this on host family’s French keyboard and growing increasingly frustrated by the word–all the letters are scrambled!) I currently […]


Ok, ok…I’m a little bad at this blog thing. I have a few posts “in the works,” but haven’t had the time to really sit down and get them up and going. Unfortunately, between starting language classes, hosting visitors, and coming down with the cough of death, this little blog has been on the back […]

Monet’s Gardens

This is post is a little overdue. Sorry. Two Sundays ago, I had a chance to go to Giverny to see Monet’s gardens with a fellow au pair. We had planned to meet at Gare St. Lazare at noon to catch the 12:20 train to Vernon, but confusing ticket windows and long lines left us […]

La vie à Paris

This last week in Paris has been one of huge improvement. Despite the fact that I feel like my knowledge of the French language has hit a wall, I feel like I’m making significant progress everywhere else. I’m getting into a good routine with the kids and finding that they are much better behaved when […]

A sacred heart

This past Monday I spent yet another long day with the kids, but on Tuesday they finally started school—hallelujah praise the Lord! It’s not that I don’t love spending time with the kids, but the last week had been making me feel a bit claustrophobic—2 antsy kids in a little apartment was a recipe for […]

Un baptême par le feu

Let’s play catch up. Sorry this post is a bit long, but here is a summary of life so far. To say my first weeks in France have been filled with ups and downs would probably be the biggest fib I’ve ever told you. In reality, these last couple of weeks have thrust me into […]

Always a good idea

I give in. This whole blog thing, I’ll give it go. I went back and forth in my head over and over again about whether I should bother trying to keep a blog. It’s a lot of effort to get these posts into tip-top shape and, quite frankly, I haven’t really had the time so […]