An Explanation

Ok ok…maybe I’m a little bit terrible at this blog thing. In fairness, though, I have a bit of an excuse for the moment. My internet is out on my computer (which means I am currently typing this on host family’s French keyboard and growing increasingly frustrated by the word–all the letters are scrambled!)

I currently have at least 2 posts written out that I had intended to share once my camera cord came in the mail, but alas, I don’t actually have a way to share those pictures at the moment (oh jump drive, where are you???)

In the meantime, suffice it to say that I’m doing very well and keeping busy. We have a lot planned in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, and then we all part ways for a bit to celebrate said holiday. I, in fact, have quite an exciting little trip planned–but more on that later.

My French is improving, believe it or not. There are still days when I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying, but I’ve started to realize that sometimes that’s their problem, not mine (I’m looking at you lady behind the Quick Burger counter who refused to speak at a hearable decibel. ”I don’t want the fish (poisson),” I said to her, ”I asked for chicken!” ”Oui,” she replied, ”but do you want a drink (boisson)?” oops)

La fille and le garçon are also making progress in English, but it can be a bit hard for them at times if we aren’t repeating the words and phrases on a daily basis. They know how to say put on your coat, brush your teeth, can I have a snack please?, etc but still seem to struggle through My name is…and I am 7 years old. The other day they were allowed to watch a movie (very rare around here–la mère is strict with the tv) so I made them watch Winnie the Pooh in English, and I was so proud when le garçon was able to pick out a few words he remembered from his Cars book we’ve been reading. ”Best friends!” he shouted, ”comme Mater et McQueen!”

Anyway, pray my internet decides to awaken from its slumber, and I will have more than a few fun pics to share with you all.

Until then, à toute à l’heure!


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