Always a good idea

I give in. This whole blog thing, I’ll give it go.

I went back and forth in my head over and over again about whether I should bother trying to keep a blog. It’s a lot of effort to get these posts into tip-top shape and, quite frankly, I haven’t really had the time so far.

But alas, I have so many thoughts about this current adventure and so many people I’d like to share them with. So for anyone willing to spend a few minutes of their time reading about an ordinary life in an extraordinary city, welcome to le blog.

After a spell in Australia and a year back home in Atlanta, Georgia, I’ve found myself once again crossing oceans to wrangle little munchkins and teach them the fine art of the hokey-pokey (as it happens, my French kiddos are obsessed—obsessed!—with the hokey pokey). I won’t be revealing their names or any details of where they live; it’s a mad world we live in. But I will tell you that there are two of them: la fille, age 7 and le garçon, age 4. They’re super cute and super French, and I will be their main source of English for the next year, helping them once and for all achieve that pesky “th” sound. Initial bonding has been harder this time around, mostly due to the language and cultural boundaries, but day by day we’re all adjusting and growing. My own language classes will start in early October, so until then I’m playing tourist with the free time I have while the kids are at school and praying my 5 years of French (the last lesson of which I took almost 5 years ago) will come magically flooding back into my brain.

So there you have it—the beginning of what I hope is a great year to come. Because as Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

À tout à l’heure,



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